Freestanding indoor ML infokiosk 730 with 32″ (81 cm) multitouch screen and PC module. Can be used as portable model – easy to split into three units and fit into transportation box (sold separately). Standard colors glossy white and black.



  • Large intuitive multitouch screen
  • Portable model combined with robust transportation box, good for fairs and temporary usage
  • Horizontal screen offer private usage
  • Elegant slim design with glossy coloring
  • Optional hidden integrated chip card support

Standard configuration

  • Semi-aluminium housing. Measures 800 x 500 x 1200mm, footpring 0,4 m2. Portable version: easy to split into three items and pack into special transportation box.
  • Multitouch High definition screen. High contrast, easy to use public multitouch screen with 1366×768 resolution. Touch response time under 10ms, over 60M single touch point, Win 7/8 HID compatible.
  • PC module. Standard PC with Intel 1,8 GHz CPU and chipset, 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD
  • Network connectivity. Standard connectivity 1Gbit LAN
  • Connections. USB 2.0, sound
  • Sound. Integrated Stereo loudspeakers
  • Warranty. Standard 1-year warranty, 3-year expansion available
  • Delivery. Usually ships within 4 weeks of order confirmation.

Other options:

  • Connectivity. WiFi 802.11b/g/n with vandalproof antenna, 3G, UMTS
  • Exterior/housing. Custom colour, corporate branding
  • Integrated chip card. Integrated chip card reader.
  • Software. Windows 7/8 or Windows 7 Embedded operating system, Sitekiosk secure internet browser
  • Custom configuration. Powerful PC with customizable peripherals (TV-tuner, DVD, CD, etc.)
  • Barcode scanner. 1D, 2D and custom document scanner (passports, etc.)
  • Transportation box with wheels. This model can be used as portable model to use it on fairs and workshops.


Additional product information and prices in Estonian can be found here. For more information please call +372 6 504 920 or e-mail